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Dove and Deer Update

Friday, October 07, 2011 8:39 AM | Anonymous

I am pleased to announce that despite the severe drought and extremely high temperatures, we had a successful dove hunt.  During the 4 day hunt, 31 hunters were able to harvest 117 doves.  This was one of the most successful hunts on the Refuge yet.  I am also pleased to announce that we have completed our annual deer surveys in anticipation of our upcoming big game hunt.  As with recent years, our deer densities on many Refuge tracts remain relatively low.  This is good for us since keeping deer densities at low levels is critical for maintaining the long-term sustainability of golden-cheeked warbler and black-capped vireo habitat, but may not be so good for hunters since they will have fewer opportunities to harvest a deer.  We are in it for the birds though and the deer are eating their future habitat.

I want to extend a BIG thank you to volunteers Dub Lyon and John Harrington for helping with these late-night surveys.  Without the support of our volunteers and the Friends Group we would not be able to keep up with everything and be as successful as we are.


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